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Zero Waste Travel

Please note that some affiliate links are included on this page. At no additional cost to you, I earn a commission whenever you purchase through the link. This helps me keep the content free. Thank you for your support.

Going zero waste is about progress, not perfection. I aim to adopt one new zero waste habit every week and I encourage you to do the same. Start small and build from there. There are several alternatives to any form of single-use products, so while some of the options below may not be for you I promise a product that will fit into your life exists. Over time, you’ll find adopting a zero waste lifestyle saves money and valuable packing space on the road.

Lauren Singer, founder of www.trashisfortossers.com and Package Free Shop

Package Free Shop is my go-to online store for reusable and eco-friendly products. I enjoy supporting a female entrepreneur who is actively pushing our community to become more sustainable. There is a wide offering of products, so you’ll have options when deciding to go zero waste. Check out the online shop here.

HydroFlask is the perfect start to the zero waste lifestyle. I carry my 32oz bottle everywhere! While expensive, it will last you for years. It comes in several sizes and colors and is a perfect display of stickers. Buy one here.

Lush is where I purchase my vegan lotion, shampoo bar, face masks, face wash, and occasional bath bomb. If you bring back 5 of the same container for them to properly dispose or reuse, you receive a free face mask! Unfortunately they don’t have an affiliate program, but I love them too much not to share. Plus, their shops are fun to visit and their employees can recommend products for your skin/hair type.

Collapsible food storage containers, like this set from Dry Natural, are key to saving money on the road and reducing waste. I carry one everywhere with me at home and abroad for when I get leftovers or am ordering from a place that only serves in single-use containers. Buy one here.

Reusable straws are an easy way to start reducing your waste, and this set comes with several to store in different places like your car, purse, and backpack. It also comes with two cleaning brushes. Buy one here.

Wool dryer balls are an alternative to dryer sheets, which are actually made from plastic. While air drying is the most eco-friendly, this isn’t always a possibility on the road or in the winter. Throw 2-3 balls in each load for a faster, softer, and more eco-friendly dry. They last for hundreds of washes and are compostable at the end of their life. Plus, they’re small (aka, easily packable) and lightweight. Buy yours here.

Reusable cutlery are another easy way to cut waste in your life and always be prepared on the road. I love buying food from markets, but most of the time the food is served with single-use plates and utensils. I pull this bamboo set out of my bag and wash them at the end of the day. Buy here.

Keep Cup is a stylish way to be eco-friendly on coffee and tea runs. I receive many compliments on mine at every coffee shop I’m at, especially when they realize it’s made of soda-lime glass (making it more durable and less prone to breaking). I throw one of these in my bag for whenever I need a mid-day study or travel boost. Buy one here.

Reusable shopping bags usually cost extra abroad so I like to carry 1-2 with me abroad. I purchase mine from a variety of stores, including Package Free Shop, but finding a produce bag I loved was difficult to find until I discovered the stylish netted ones pictured above. I love shopping at markets abroad (and at home) and farmers love when customers bring their own packaging because it reduces their cost. Purchase your produce bags here.

Menstrual cups seemed gross to me at first, but then I tried one and my life truly changed. I save space in my luggage by not packing a variety of menstrual products for my different stages of flow. One cup fits it all! You can wear it for up to 12 hours, allowing me to focus on transferring planes or making friends instead of rushing to the bathroom to change products. You can wear it swimming, scuba diving, hiking, working out, or whatever your favorite adventure is. At first I had a Diva Cup, which I loved, but it felt uncomfortable during exercise. Then I completed this quiz and discovered Lena cup, which has been absolutely perfect for me. Seriously, make the switch to menstrual cups now by clicking here.