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Travel Gear

Please note that some affiliate links are included on this page. At no additional cost to you, I earn a commission whenever you purchase through the link. This helps me keep the content free. Thank you for your support.

Kindle is my travel companion, and not only because of the similarity of our names. It’s often difficult to stay entertained on long travel days, multiple layovers, and restless. Thankfully Kindle allows me to borrow several books from my local library’s online collection before each trip. I used to travel with several books, but now that valuable packing space is dedicated to more clothes! Buy your Kindle here.

Deuter sells high-quality backpacks for travel and hiking, yet they are reasonably priced. I bought an ACT lite 60+10 in 2014 and it has hiked and traveled across the world with me since. I was sized by the experts at REI, who helped me find the perfect fit and backpack. I highly recommend trying out a few different styles and sizes in-store before purchasing because the best backpack for me doesn’t mean it is for you. If you’re ready to make the purchase click here to buy.

SteriPEN is a rechargeable water purifying device that lasts up to 8,000 treatments. I knew there had to be another option to constantly searching for and spending money on plastic water bottles, especially in countries without municipal recycling. I discovered SteriPEN, the perfect eco-friendly option for travelers. This device’s steep $110 up-front price will save you money (and the planet) in the long-run! Buy one here.

Travel locks are necessary in hostels for your luggage and bunk locker. The flexible band on these locks ensure the lock is usable no matter the luggage or locker type. Buy your set here.