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Tallinn Surprised Me

When considering top destinations in Europe, Tallinn certainly does not cross your mind. It should.

Before setting off on my weekend in Helsinki and Tallinn, I suspected Helsinki would be the favorite and Tallinn a stop on the way. Helsinki did not meet expectations and Tallinn surpassed dreams.

Beautiful skies greeted us on the first evening in Old Town. I soon realized why many couples selected Tallinn for destination weddings. Tallinn made me want to sip a glass of wine grape juice and cuddle under a blanket by the fire with my favorite people.

I spent nearly three days exploring Old Town. Tallinn has more to offer than its medieval center, but I was content spending all my time exploring cobblestone alleys, discovering city lookout points, climbing to the top of cathedrals, and sitting in cafes.

And there was a lot of sitting in cafes…and restaurants and pubs and markets.

Take the Chocolate Cafe as an example. The hot chocolate and chocolate cake were so good that I returned two more times.

Or Olde Hansa, a candle-lit medieval restaurant where they call you by your true title — King or Queen. The waitresses treat you like royalty and the food reflects your newly-pronounced royal status.

Kompressor offers delicious, massive, and inexpensive pancakes. No dinner is necessary with a brunch at Kompressor.

Beautiful buildings, quiet streets, friendly locals, and perhaps a peaceful sunset will greet you after one of the many delicious meals offered in Tallinn.

What is the honest truth about this often-overlooked Estonian city? You cannot go wrong in Tallinn.

Do you have any travel questions? Let me know in the comments!I had my doubts before arriving in Tallinn, but every one of those doubts were proven wrong. See why Tallinn surprised me

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