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Before my first adventure, I thought I needed to buy all the things. My bank account, however, thought differently. Several years of travel experience later, I realized many things wrong with this belief. 

  1. Specialized travel gear is expensive. I want a lot of new gear, but my budget rarely allows for these splurges in addition to flights, accommodation, etc. That’s all travel gear is, though–splurges. I’d rather one more adventure instead of one more pair of boots. While specific adventures may require specialized gear–such as a tent for camping or fins for diving–most of the time you can get by with what you already own. 
  2. Travel requires minimalism. You’ll have one, maybe two, bags to lug around the world. I don’t understand how travel bloggers pack everything in their packing guides into one, maybe two, bags. These lists are frequently excessive and impractical. Besides, you are in the country to adventure, experience discomfort, and live the local culture. Very few items are absolutely essential to accomplish these goals.
  3. Buying things is bad for the environment. Everything requires Earth’s limited resources to produce. One flaw I find in the travel blogging community, and with society in general, is the push to buy buy buy. Whether it’s a sales tactic or to display wealth, our society is obsessed with buying stuff.
My workout clothes and running shoes were good enough for this day hike. No special gear necessary!

Don’t let not having “the right stuff” prevent you from exploring the world. I promise you’ll be okay without the latest portable charger or packing cube.

Look, I realize the hypocrisy in me mentioning all this since I advertise several products on this blog and flying is not the most eco-friendly transportation method.

Who knew a headband borrowed from a friend and an old t-shirt with paint splatters on the front could have this much aesthetic?

In an attempt to be less hypocritical and a better travel resource for budget and adventurous travelers, here are my promises to you:

  • I promise to be transparent with the essentialness of everything I promote on this platform. As my financial freedom increases from growth of my personal career and Getaway Girl, I will buy more travel gear (some of it superfluous). I want to share my experience with these products with you, but I will indicate how essential the product/service is and if there are alternatives to the products.  
  • All products on this blog I use and love in my daily life. No really. In fact, I will show you products I love even if I don’t get money from it. Your loyalty to Getaway Girl means the world to me so I promise to be selective with partnerships. I will only advertise products and services I love and I know you will love too. This travel blog will never become suddenly obsessed with a particular product because they gave me some money. 
  • Most importantly, I encourage you to shop consciously. I suggest you wait about 30 days before purchasing anything. Consider if there are alternatives during this time, such as if you could borrow it from a friend or if there are DIY options or alternatives already at home. If after 30 days you still want or need it, shop secondhand or find a conscious producer of the product. Try to buy products with multiple uses or made of long-lasting, eco-friendly materials.
The jacket and booties were stolen “borrowed” from my mom for this photo session

Affiliate advertising (aka, when you click a link to a product on this website it will sometimes give me a small commission at no additional cost to you) helps keep Getaway Girl running. When you purchase something, please consider purchasing via Getaway Girl.

My friend has reworn this dress on several occasions and mine is from Rent the Runway

Finally, this community is for you and your support and feedback means the world to me. If you ever have a suggestion to improve Getaway Girl and our product promotion philosophy, please contact me via email at hello@getawaygirl.us.