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Please note that some affiliate links are included on this page. At no additional cost to you, I earn a commission whenever you purchase through the link. This helps me keep the content free. Thank you for your support.

While my outfits may never be worthy of an #OOTD (outfit of the day) repost on Instagram, I take pride in my comfortable and casual wardrobe. More importantly, I try to rotate my wardrobe as environmentally-friendly as possible. I shop second-hand, support eco-conscious fashion brands, and (at minimum) shop from charitable brands. You may find the brands listed below are out of your price range, but I hope this encourages you to really consider the purchase before buying. Shopping higher-quality brands has significantly reduced my fashion footprint and saved my wallet. Plus, these brands produce longer-lasting clothing due to higher quality materials.

DIFF Eyewear are the only sunglasses I buy, which says a lot considering I’m obsessed with sunnies. I also own a pair of their blue lens glasses and am eyeing a pair of prescription glasses. They are stylish, durable, affordable, and charitable. The company is mostly women who donate a pair of prescription glasses for every pair purchased. Now, that’s a company I can get behind. Click here to get 20% off your first order!

My shirt pictured here was bought at Clothes Mentor for only $10!

Clothes Mentor is my go-to secondhand clothing store. I love buying secondhand clothing because it’s cheaper, more eco-friendly than fast fashion, and is usually higher quality clothing. Clothes Mentor sells women’s fashion for young professionals. I’m not an affiliate; I just love their stores and want to encourage more people to shop secondhand! Find a store near you here.

Batoko makes swimsuits from plastic bottles, giving recycled plastic a purpose. The swimsuits are well-designed (no wedgies!) and playful. I love my shark one-piece and can’t wait to buy another (I’m thinking the palm leaves is next). They don’t have an affiliate program, but I love them too much not to share. Check them out here.

Sand Cloud makes ocean accessories, like their beautiful towels! I’ve used it at the beach and even packed it as a bath towel. I love how lightweight and compactly the towels are, making them easy to travel with. Shop beach towels and more here. Don’t forget to use code ‘KENDAL150’ for 15% off your order!

Brands I Want to Try: (please let me know what you think if you’ve tried them!)

  • Waterlust
  • Ocean Mimic
  • Tevas
  • Rothys (click here for $20 off your first purchase)
  • Tamga Designs
  • Armed Angels
  • People Tree
  • Everlane
  • Armour Vert
  • Reformation
  • Sanchos
  • Yala
  • Ten Tree
  • Thought
  • Yogavated
  • LA Relaxed
  • Prana
  • Girlfriend
  • Outdoor Voices
  • Alternative Apparel
  • Majamas
  • Boody
  • White Rabbit