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General Travel Advice

travel without leaving home

20 Ways to Travel Without Leaving Home During COVID-19

By now, most people in the world are staying at home. Our attempts to flatten the curve are necessary, but at times boring. That’s why I decided to find as many ways as possible to travel without leaving home! Since co-creating the Coronavirus Traveler Support Group, I’ve...

How to Receive a Free Expedited Passport

Do you know how it feels to discover gold? I don’t, but I bet it feels similar to this. Today I’m sharing with you my secret to a free expedited passport. First, let me clarify “free.” This is not a way to avoid paying regular passport fees. Instead, it’s a...

Getaway Girl’s 22 Best International Travel Tips

Before we get into my best international travel tips, let me first explain why I’m writing a list and the importance of happiness in travel. I’ve sworn off lists from Getaway Girl because I believe they don’t fit GG’s brand and voice. Today I’m breaking that...