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Eco Travel Advice

sustainable travel faqs

Sustainable Travel FAQs: Featuring Shelby from Authenteco Travel

Today’s post is the transcript from a sustainable travel discussion Shelby from Autheneteco Travel and I did on Instagram in celebration of Earth Day! We answered all your sustainable travel FAQs collected on Instagram. If you’re not already be sure to follow Getaway Girl on...

sustainable travel fails

Sustainable Travel Fails: When Travelers Try Their Best

Travelers are quickly realizing the impact their passion has on the planet and doing their best to leave more positive footprints of their favorite destinations. No sustainability journey is linear, though. Sometimes travelers, with their best intentions, get it wrong. This is the story...

zero waste travel

Is Zero Waste Travel Possible? (Yes! Here’s How)

Someone asked me recently if zero waste travel is even possible. Only ten days into the New Year (when I’m writing this) and we’re both deeply feeling climate anxiety. Guilt inevitably followed us as we traveled between cities, continuing our hobby that is destroying the...

eco-friendly travel

How to Avoid Traveler’s Guilt When the Environment is Dying

Last week on Instagram I asked for your eco-friendly travel questions (follow me here if you’re not already!) The following question stopped me in my tracks: “How do you avoid feeling guilty about travel since it contributes to environmental problems?” View this post on...

travel coach

This is How A Travel Coach Can Help You Overcome Obstacles

In 2013, at only sixteen years old, I moved to Germany. It was my first international trip. Even though I was by myself, I wasn’t alone because I studied abroad with Rotary. They guided and supported me during my year abroad. But most travelers don’t get an...

eco-conscious traveler

#1 Thing Eco-Friendly Travelers Should Do for the Environment

Many travelers want to help prevent irreversible environmental damage after experiencing the beauty and frailty of the planet. Going green, however, is intimidating and sometimes expensive. Before you buy supposedly green products, there is one thing all eco-friendly travelers should do...