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single in paris

(Newly) Single in Paris: How Not to be Lonely in the City of Love

I was single in Paris, and I had a fantastic time. After a break up, it didn’t take me long to book a flight to Europe in order to celebrate Christmas with my German friends and family, something I had wanted to do my ex for years. What else would a newly single woman do? Not do the...

Milestii Mici wine run

Milestii Mici Wine Run: Things to Know Before You Go

When my friend told me about a 10K through the biggest wine cellar in the world, I knew I had to go. The Milestii Mici wine run takes runners through the wine cellar at up to 100m depth. They fill you up with wine before and after the run, making this race the perfect combination of...

November in Belarus: Apparently They Think I’m Fat

Do you think I’m fat? Because some Belarusians do and, in November in Belarus, they weren’t afraid to tell me. Positive remnants of Soviet culture remain in Belarus, such as the immaculately clean cities and no one living on the street. It’s so safe here that young...

October in Belarus

October in Belarus: Wait…I Was Drinking Dirty Water?!

Time flashed before my eyes this month. I blinked, and my Belarus in October was over. I found my groove in Belarus this month. Naturally, I don’t have everything figured out, but I’m comfortably shopping, navigating, and living out daily life. Here are the defining moments...

September in Belarus

September in Belarus

I’ve been excited all month to write this post, but now I realize how difficult it is to summarize 30 days of excitement, confusion, friendship, and frustration. Belarus is quickly appearing on travelers’ radars, but they have no idea what this country is about. Hopefully, I...

Montreal in fall

Montreal In Fall with a Local As My Guide

Montreal in the fall season is magical. In the course of one week, I watched as Montreal turned green to golden yellow and orange as the autumn weather hit. My timing couldn’t have been better. Leaves crunched underneath my shoes and the brisk weather chilled my nose. I didn’t...