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Archive - May 2019

I Almost Overcame My Fears While Skiing in Austria

Exchange students go to school, but we also like to look for opportunities to not be a student. The most stunning and challenging trip during my exchange year was skiing in Austria. A total of 40 exchange students, including myself, skipped school for a week to ski on Großglockner, the...

How to Avoid Milan’s Pigeon Scam

Prior Warning “Remember–-walk in the middle of sidewalks, and don’t hold the pigeons.” My tour guide in Milan shared this warning with us before parting. Half of the group, those lingering in the back and talking during the tour, did not hear her warning at all. Although I heard the...

high school study abroad

The Best High School Study Abroad Program

Are you, or do you know, a high school student who loves to travel and experience other cultures? Or maybe needs a long getaway to truly discover who they are before making big life decisions like career and job? Nearly six years ago, I moved to Germany for my junior year of high school...