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Adventurous & zero waste travel

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Hello + Welcome to the Getaway Community

Do you want to travel adventurously and zero waste?

Me too.

I'm on a journey to zero waste while getting high & low around the globe, and I'm taking you with me.

Along the way, you'll find detailed guides, tested itineraries, honest advice, and practical tips. Getaway Girl gives you the tools and confidence to tackle any adventure around the world and leave a meaningful impact on the planet.

Let me help you adventure well.

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Recent Posts

4 Sustainable Things to do in Tempe, Arizona (Post-Covid)

To be completely honest, press trips never attracted me as a blogger. I didn’t want Getaway Girl to be synonymous with advertisements. Then I learned about Tempe’s sustainability initiatives and knew I had to learn more. There are so many sustainable things to do in Tempe...

7 Fulbright ETA Application Tips: Read My Statement of Grant Purpose!

Fulbright is one of the most prestigious fellowship programs in the world. It’s also one of the most competitive. You must have a strong application in order to be competitive. I was awarded a Fulbright ETA to Belarus for the 2019-2020 academic year. I loved it! I’m sharing my...

A photo of the Instagram app on a cell phone. Instagram is an essential part of digital marketing now. Is it possible to be a travel blogger without Instagram?

A Travel Blogger Without Instagram: I Quit Instagram!

Have you thought about quitting Instagram? I’ve decided to become a travel blogger without Instagram. This post explains why, the hurdles I expect to face, and my concerns about quitting Instagram. Instagram Isn’t Effective for Growing A Business Before launching my travel...

Meow Meow Tweet Skincare Review: The Best Zero Waste Brand!

This small batch cosmetic company might have a quirky name, but this Meow Meow Tweet skincare review reveals why it’s the best zero waste cosmetics brand! And not just for their fun branding. Even into college, I suffered from acne. And not just a zit here and there…numerous...

Airbnb Online Travel Experiences: Are They Worth the Money?

The “catch flights not feelings” crew is struggling right now. Many travelers, including myself, canceled their 2020 travel plans when coronavirus hit. Thankfully, Airbnb quickly released their online experiences to keep the travel spark alive. I’ve participated in a...

get to know me

Get to Know Me: 23 Random Facts About Me

Yesterday I turned 23! To celebrate, I thought I’d share 23 things you may not know about me to get to know me better. As a child, I loved designing floor plans and interior design mood boards. I love reading, but didn’t read for enjoyment a lot in college. My 2020 goal is to...

ethique skincare review

Ethique Skincare Review: Should Sustainable Travelers Use This?

Even into college, I suffered from acne. And not just a zit here and there…numerous, painful, inflamed acne. It was caused by hormone imbalance and stress. My poor skincare routine didn’t help, either. When I started my zero waste journey, I assumed I’d have acne-covered...

January in Belarus

January in Belarus: Everywhere But Belarus

In my previous Belarus update, I was in Germany celebrating Christmas with my parents. Once they left, I planned on exploring some of Poland on my way back to Belarus, then spend the rest of my January in Belarus. Instead, I realized how deeply I missed familiarity and my friends in...