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Adventurous & zero waste travel

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Hello + Welcome to the Getaway Community

Do you want to travel adventurously and zero waste?

Me too.

I'm on a journey to zero waste while getting high & low around the globe, and I'm taking you with me.

Along the way, you'll find detailed guides,Β tested itineraries, honest advice, and practical tips. Getaway GirlΒ gives you the tools and confidence to tackle any adventure around the world and leave a meaningful impact on the planet.

Let me help you adventure well.

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Recent Posts

eco-friendly travel

How to Avoid Traveler’s Guilt When the Environment is Dying

Last week on Instagram I asked for your eco-friendly travel questions (follow me here if you’re not already!) The following question stopped me in my tracks: “How do you avoid feeling guilty about travel since it contributes to environmental problems?” View this post on...

September in Belarus

September in Belarus

I’ve been excited all month to write this post, but now I realize how difficult it is to summarize 30 days of excitement, confusion, friendship, and frustration. Belarus is quickly appearing on travelers’ radars, but they have no idea what this country is about. Hopefully, I...

best workouts for travelers

Here are the Best Ways to Workout While Traveling

Exercise has only been part of my life for a few years now, but it has already become my main source of self-care. As I mentioned here, it’s important to maintain routine while abroad to keep that travel spark alive. After testing a lot of workout programs and apps, I’ve...

Montreal in fall

Montreal In Fall with a Local As My Guide

Montreal in the fall season is magical. In the course of one week, I watched as Montreal turned green to golden yellow and orange as the autumn weather hit. My timing couldn’t have been better. Leaves crunched underneath my shoes and the brisk weather chilled my nose. I didn’t...

A Better Way to Travel: Phase One Travel

Some travelers scoff at the thought of spending less than three days at one destination because they want the “full cultural experience.” Yet, most people only have about ten days of vacation annually. It’d be tragic if they spent that entire time in one city, trying to...

green online business

10 Ways to Make Your Online Business Green

As people become more aware of their impact on the environment, consumers want to support green businesses. System engineers help product-based businesses become environmentally-friendly, but who can help create a green online business? I’ll be that person for now. Since launching...