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Is anyone else celebrating Christmas in July? My summer consisted of too many hours comparing travel product reviews. I argue living another half-year deserves a reward, so here are ten great travel-related options. They’re ordered from most to least expensive. Click on any of the highlighted links or images to purchase!

Please keep in mind many of these items I’m envying too, meaning I have yet to test them myself. Don’t worry — I only recommend things I’ve researched extensively and will eventually purchase myself.

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Price: $297-997

My Deuter backpack followed me around the world and I love it. After four years of usage, it still looks brand-spanking new. This specific backpack, the 45+10, is perfect for several weeks of backpacking Europe or a weekend hike. I can’t recommend it enough!

Price: $188

I first scoffed at Naot sandals, until I found this stylish and comfortable pair. Walking an average of five miles per day, as I do when I travel, requires comfortable shoes. Bonus: A padded backstrap helps prevent blisters. Three cheers for longer days exploring beautiful streets!

Price: $123.95-$169.95

This SKROSS travel adaptor can follow you around the world. The simple white design isn’t anything to rave about, but the price and function are. Bonus: It includes two USB outlets.

Price: $42.99

From eye-rolls to longing gazes, neck pillows are officially on my wish list. Aeris’ neck pillow is made with memory foam, ensuring optimal comfort. Bonus: Ventilation holes in the fabric helps airflow to prevent the memory foam from warming.

Price: $24.90

Every traveler, whether business or leisure, struggles with their workout routine while jotting around the world. This deck of cards offers 50 exercises targeting nearly every part of your body. Also included are a guide, goals card, and seven routines. Seven different routines should keep each workout original, but originality is always allowed. Buy here.

Price: $22.97

Do you own a microfiber towel yet? If not, purchase one now because microfiber towels are lifesavers. Mine has followed me in the Alps and to the beach. I love how compact these towels are, freeing up space in luggage for other things. They dry as well as regular towels and the towel itself quickly dries, perfect for rush-packing.

Price: $18.95

Protect your electronics with a Belkin mini surge protector. With three plugs and 2 USB outlets, you will never struggle in hostels to charge your electronics. Bonus: Purchase includes a lifetime warranty and $75,000 connected equipment warranty.

Price: $16.40

Cooking in a hotel or hostel sometimes takes too much time. Eating out every meal dramatically increases costs for inedibly large portions. Many destinations, especially in Europe, don’t offer boxes for leftover food. I found myself wishing I brought a container to sneakily take leftovers home. Then I discovered these collapsible bins…perfect for traveling. For under $9, you get a set of three!

Price: $8.99

Laundry bags are necessary, no matter where you are in the world. I hate attempting to distinguish between dirty and clean clothes. The process is time-consuming and often ends with me washing everything in expensive hostel washers. Owning a laundry bag, like this Kikkerland travel-sized laundry bag, is perfect.

Price: $8.39

Super Bonus: Tomorrow (July 11th, 2017) is Amazon Prime day…meaning thousands of items are on sale! I wonder which of the above items will cost even less? If you’re thinking about purchasing one of the above items, why not indulge in free shipping, too? Sign up for Amazon Prime today by clicking the image below.

If you are interested in more travel gear I love, see what I packed for Russia here.

What will be your next travel gear purchase?

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