20 Thoughts On My 20th Birthday

June 26, 2017By Kendal KarstensReflections

Sunday I celebrated my twentieth birthday. Waving good-bye to the teenage angst years is certainly a feat to celebrate. Ringing in a new decade is an accomplishment, but thinking about the next decade fill me with anxiety. In the next ten years I will graduate college, begin a career (maybe two!), move into my first apartment, pay my … Read More

Is Iceland Overrated?

June 9, 2017By Kendal KarstensIceland, Reflections

**UPDATE** I received a lot of feedback after posting and would like to add clarifications. I still love Iceland and recommend it to tourists. However, I believe Iceland has developed incredibly high expectations. High expectations are doomed to disappoint, as I experienced first-hand. I encourage everyone to explore outside of Reykjavik. Please remain respectful to Iceland’s nature and … Read More

London Confuses Me

February 27, 2017By Kendal KarstensReflections, United Kingdom

Arriving in London was exhilarating. I thought, “this is what dreams are made of.” After nearly two years without international travel, not only was I in a new country but I was also experiencing it alone. I was excited to take on a new place alone. My hard work was finally paying off. After a … Read More

Why I Studied Abroad

February 13, 2017By Kendal KarstensGermany, Reflections, Student

Our interview was going well. I had quick answers to every question. Sol, the other exchange student from Argentina, and I were enjoying our time with the reporter; we easily bounced off each other, adding more details and anecdotes to our stories. I had an answer to every question…until the reporter asked what I would … Read More

Travel Plans 2017

January 9, 2017By Kendal KarstensReflections

The Land with Eleven Time Zones 2017’s travel plans revolve around studying abroad in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Why Russia? Russian history fascinated me in high school. I loved learning about Russian culture in my Russian language courses. Immersing into a culture which intrigues me seems only natural. Studying in Russia also allows me to live in … Read More