Studying Abroad with AIFS in Saint Petersburg

June 30, 2017By Kendal KarstensRussia, Student

During the Spring 2017 academic semester I studied abroad in Saint Petersburg, Russia with AIFS. Preparing to study abroad is a daunting task. Selecting the best organization is crucial for study abroad success. Studying abroad with AIFS pleasantly surprised me and I am happy to share my experience studying abroad in Saint Petersburg and studying … Read More

Russia Bag Diaries

June 23, 2017By Kendal KarstensRussia, Student, Travel Tips

This post contains affiliate links, meaning if you purchase through one of the links I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you. I only include products I love. Thank you for supporting Getaway Girl! Packing for normal-length vacations is a stressful event. Packing for four months or longer is almost unbearable (keep dreaming … Read More

10 Local Experiences in Saint Petersburg

June 16, 2017By Kendal KarstensRussia

You made it to the Hermitage and watched a classic ballet. Now what? As travelers do, you may be wondering how to do what the locals do. Here are 10 not-to-miss local experiences in Saint Petersburg, in no particular order. Cheer on SKA. Ice hockey and Russia are nearly one and the same. SKA, which stands for Sports … Read More

Beautiful Kazan

April 21, 2017By Kendal KarstensRussia

Welcome to Budapest. Wait, no. Welcome to Istanbul. Wrong again. Welcome to Kazan! Where does Europe and Asia share influence over a beautiful and quaint city? In Kazan. Where are the residents ethnically and religiously diverse, yet peacefully live together? In Kazan. Quick History of Kazan This Russian melting pot is 150 years older than Moscow and … Read More

World War II: Russia’s Story

April 14, 2017By Kendal KarstensRussia, Student

“Is it true,” asked my Russian cabin mate on the 22-hour train ride from Volgograd to Kazan, “that Americans believe they won the war?” Knowing very well speaking the truth would stir a conversation I was not willing to have, I responded diplomatically — in U.S. schools, students learn about our participation in the war and little … Read More