Why I Studied Abroad

February 13, 2017By Kendal KarstensGermany, Reflections, Student

Our interview was going well. I had quick answers to every question. Sol, the other exchange student from Argentina, and I were enjoying our time with the reporter; we easily bounced off each other, adding more details and anecdotes to our stories. I had an answer to every question…until the reporter asked what I would … Read More

High School Study Abroad FAQs

January 13, 2017By Kendal KarstensGermany, Student

Most people are shocked to learn that I studied abroad as a high school student for an entire year. Studying abroad is not limited to college students! Although several high school exchange programs are available, I studied abroad with Rotary International. I am a huge advocate for Rotary Youth Exchange and personally believe it is … Read More