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I’m about to spill the beans.

Are you ready?

Travel is scary.

There are many unknowns.

“Will I like the food?” “What if my money is stolen?” “How do I find my way?” “What will I do if I’m caught in a snow storm during a road trip?”

The logistical aspect of traveling is scary…as well as frustrating and exhausting.

“How will I get around if I don’t speak the language?” “Am I being sold a gimmick or is this what the locals really do?” “How will I afford all this?”

The truth? I still feel the fear of the unknown before another trip. My heart races, there’s a pit in my stomach, and I question if I’m making the right decision.

Yet, time and time again, despite these fears, I step on the plane and stare out the airplane window with a beaming smile as the plane takes off. I overcome the challenges. Now, I’m sharing my knowledge with you.

Fear, money, and time should not prevent you from experiencing the world.

That’s why, once per week, I publish a new travel tale stuffed with realistic advice for you to implement in your life and on the road.

Getaway Girl helps you learn about the world from your sofa, develop the confidence to get on the plane, and the know-how to travel well once you’re there.

Whether it’s a bucket list trip, pursuing a digital nomadic lifestyle, or fitting trips in between school or your 9-5, I am here to help.

Through education and encouragement, you’ll soon have the confidence to travel and live well.

About Kendal

I’m Kendal, the active adventuress and pineapple addict behind the screen.

I teach young professionals and college students how to travel adventurously and zero waste on a budget.

Thinking back to my childhood, I believe growing up in a military family sparked my travel obsession. In eighteen years, I moved eight times! I begged my parents to move more frequently because exploring the world invigorated me. My parents would laugh while explaining idleness makes me antsy.

Studying abroad at sixteen years old confirmed my inner desire for nomadism. The sense of discovery energized me. Learning something new every day hooked me on travel.

Travel guidebooks became my textbook and travel blogs my leisure readings. Those hours spent researching and dreaming taught me what I know now and practice during my travels. I worked a variety of jobs–babysitter, camp counselor, tutor, survey caller, office assistant–to make travel a reality.

I graduated from High Point University in May 2019 with a B.A. International Relations. I was awarded a Fulbright to teach English in Belarus from August 2019-May 2020.

My Travel Values

I believe…

  • Nice places to live are nice places to visit, so let’s keep them that way. A lot of people might term this “sustainable travel,” but I like to think of it as responsible and respectful travel. As travelers, we should hold ourselves accountable to our actions abroad. Thankfully, there are many ways to do this! I focus on supporting the local small businesses, traveling in low season, and pursuing a zero waste lifestyle and share how you can too.
  • Preparing for your future is the financial priority, and travel comes second. I don’t want to have to work when I’m 60 because I was financially irresponsible in my 20s. My finances sort of look like this: save and invest first, live frugally, spend the rest on travel. I’m not a financial blogger, but occasionally I’ll share my financial life and share people and resources that have helped me get financially smart.
  • Budget travel doesn’t mean you’re cheap; it means you’re saving money where it doesn’t matter to spend more on experiences. My expectations for food, accommodation, and transportation are minimal. I keep these expenses low so I can spend more on adventures abroad!

Thank You!

Your support inspires me to continue sharing what I learn on the road and continue helping you travel well.

Love what you read? Have a question? Email me at hello@getawaygirl.us. I want to hear from you!