About Getaway Girl

If you believe a successful life requires laughing, loving, and learning every day, welcome home to Getaway Girl. We are a community of adventurous, curious, and wellness travelers who connect and encourage female (and male) travelers through adventure, education, and health.

My name is Kendal, the writer and photographer behind Getaway Girl. This small corner of the web shares my awesome adventures around the world. Expect honest tales, insightful works, and colorful photography.

At sixteen years of age I discovered travel seamlessly connected my need for education and passion for service. Since then I've crafted the perfect recipe for travel and life:

  1. Never stop learning
  2. Lend a helping hand
  3. Try new things
  4. Ensure physical, mental, and spiritual health (Read: Twenty thoughts)
  5. Appreciate life’s diversity (Read: Cutting plastic waste)

Utilizing these five ingredients in my journeys and daily life created lasting memories and fulfilling travel. I encourage you to try them on your travels, too.

About Kendal

If education is my greatest need, a life of service my greatest desire, and my cat Henrietta my greatest obsession, then travel is certainly my greatest passion.

Although I study International Relations full-time at High Point University, I constantly look for another getaway opportunity. One day, let alone one lifetime, isn’t enough for me to see and do everything on my bucket list; that won’t stop me from trying! Nowadays I’m globetrotting a few times a year and dreaming the rest.

Thinking back to my childhood, I believe growing up in a military family initiated my travel-obsession. Over eighteen years I moved eight times. Surprisingly, I wanted to move more often. My parents would laugh while explaining how idleness and boredom makes me antsy.

Studying abroad at sixteen years of age confirmed my inner-nomadism. It all began with my first blog, titled One Sun One Moon, in 2013. I wrote about my adventures in Germany as a Rotary youth exchange student. Before boarding my plane to Germany I questioned why I was leaving my family and friends, but those thoughts quickly diminished once the plane wheels were up.

Upon my return home, reentering a life of routine scared the living heck out of me! Focusing my energy on planning and preparing for my next adventure made life better. I worked a variety of jobs – babysitter, mower, camp counselor, tutor, survey caller – to make travel a reality. Travel guidebooks became my textbook and blogs my leisure readings. Reading other travelers’ stories filled my wanderlust for the time. The hours spent researching and dreaming taught me what I know now and practice during all my travels.

Although a nomadic lifestyle is not in my deal of cards, travel remains a major part of who I am. I have since embraced having a home base and realized habit isn’t scary.

I used to believe living the same year 75 times is not a life. Travel has since become more to me than escaping a habitual lifestyle; living an adventurous life and pushing to achieve more are what travel means to me. What does travel mean to you?