Who is the Getaway Girl?

I'm a Sigma Sigma Sigma sister

That would be me. Hi, I'm Kendal.

Although I study International Relations full-time at High Point University, I constantly look for another getaway opportunity. One day, let alone one lifetime, isn't enough for me to see and do everything on my bucket list, but I sure will try. If education is my greatest need, a life of service my greatest desire, and my cat Henrietta my greatest obsession, then travel is most certainly my greatest passion.

It all began with...

my first blog, titled One Sun One Moon, in 2013. I wrote about my adventures in Germany as a Rotary youth exchange student. Before boarding my plane to Germany I questioned what I signed up for and why I was leaving my family and friends, but those thoughts quickly diminished once the plane's wheels were up. My year in Germany opened my eyes to my love of traveling and learning languages. I've worked a variety of jobs ever since in order to make travel a reality. Although a nomadic lifestyle is not in my deal of cards, travel is still a major part of who I am.

What is the Getaway?

According to Webster, a getaway is a quick departure, especially after committing a crime. In my opinion, not exploring the depths of this beautiful Earth is a crime and living the same year 75 times is not a life. The getaway is escaping a habitual lifestyle, living an adventurous life, and always pushing yourself to achieving more than you ever believed.

Why Do I Write?

I travel and blog to foster travel inspiration and cultural understanding...and to ensure my parents I'm not dead. Hi mom and dad! I fell in love with travel and was amazed at my ability to afford it at a young age. I didn't sell everything to travel, but I did vigorously save. I want to inspire more people to travel and share how it's possible. At the same time, I realize it's unrealistic for everyone to travel, therefore I will share what I learn while abroad to hopefully help create a more knowledgable society.

Who Should Read Getaway Girl?

The wide-eyed high schooler, broke college student, 9-5 employee, nomad, and everyone in-between.