Passport Secret: Receive a Free Expedited Passport

January 27, 2017By Kendal KarstensTravel Tips

Staring in disbelief at my computer screen, I couldn’t comprehend what I read and reread. AIFS, my study abroad program provider, expected me to supply a passport copy to begin the visa process before the twelfth of October. It was the eleventh. Somehow I needed to get a new passport…and fast. Russia requires passports to be … Read More

Studying Abroad: Homesickness, Culture Shock, and More

January 23, 2017By Kendal KarstensStudent

Studying abroad is not a vacation. Although the university or high school may be in a foreign country, your experience abroad will be completely different from that of a traveler’s or a tourist’s experience. Seven major changes incur all at once — a new school, different friends, a new living situation, a foreign culture, a … Read More

Milan’s Pigeon Scam & Scam Prevention Tips

January 20, 2017By Kendal KarstensItaly, Travel Tips

Prior Warning “Remember – walk in the middle of sidewalks and don’t hold the pigeons.” My tour guide in Milan shared this warning with us before parting. Half of the group, those lingering in the back and talking during the tour, did not hear her warning at all. Although I heard the warning, I felt … Read More

High School Study Abroad FAQs

January 13, 2017By Kendal KarstensGermany, Student

Most people are shocked to learn that I studied abroad as a high school student for an entire year. Studying abroad is not limited to college students! Although several high school exchange programs are available, I studied abroad with Rotary International. I am a huge advocate for Rotary Youth Exchange and personally believe it is … Read More