Sunday I celebrated my twentieth birthday. Waving good-bye to the teenage angst years is certainly a feat to celebrate.

Ringing in a new decade is an accomplishment, but thinking about the next decade fill me with anxiety. In the next ten years I will graduate college, begin a career (maybe two!), move into my first apartment, pay my first water bills…the list goes on. Basically, I am about to start adult-ing.

In the last week, I found myself considering what should be of importance to me over the next ten years. This was surprisingly a hard list to accumulate. Here are the results.

Remember Life

  • Actions for my physical, mental, and spiritual health are always a good investment. This means learning to cook healthy meals, exercising regularly, taking time for myself, smiling every day, and further building my relationship with God.
  • Time is our greatest luxury, therefore forget excuses and start now. Focus on what is worth my time, not my money. Ensure my actions contribute to my happiness and passions. Let go of grudges and forgive myself because these will only hold me back and hurt me.
  • Remember what a person shares on social media does not display the whole story. Comparing myself to someone’s highlight reel will only lead to disappointment in myself.
  • Forgive myself for failing. Making a mistake or not succeeding does not define who I am. Responding, graceful or not, defines me.
  • Trust life’s journey. I may not always be where I want to be, but I will always be where I am supposed to be.

Remember Relationships

  • Kindness and generosity towards one person make two lives better. People do not forget how you make them feel so always aim to be the sunshine in someone’s life.
  • Family is my greatest asset. They empower me, support me, and love me no matter what. Never forget how important they are and thank them often.
  • Continue making and developing friendships. Presence and time are essential. #squadpower
  • Listen and remember. Listening is the best gift I can offer a friend. Remembering reminds loved ones how much they matter to me.
  • Find mentors in all parts of life. They are necessary guides and support for accomplishing my dreams.

Remember Work

  • Never let success go to my head or failure go to my heart. No matter how hard I work, my success is not only mine. I can never forget where I came from, the people who have helped me, and my born privileges. At the same time, appreciate failure and the lessons learned from it.
  • Dreams are built on action. Ask the questions, spend the energy, and go the extra mile to achieve my dreams.
  • Trust that when told ‘no,’ something better is down the road. Reflect and learn from failure, but remember I am in good hands.
  • Everyone’s definition of success is different. Do what I feel is right, excites me, and will make me happy.
  • One person can make a difference. My strengths are powerful.

Remember Goals

  • Accept my faults and be conscientious of how they affect my life. One must acknowledge problems to fix them.
  • Read more. Netflix binges should be reserved for when I am old, crabby, and tired. Reading is enjoyable and allows me to continue learning.
  • Graciously accept compliments because I am worthy. Deliver compliments because everyone has their strengths.
  • Let go of stress, negative people, or anything else toxic in my life. Happiness in life is essential.
  • Say no sometimes and do not feel bad for it. When my health is a priority, I am more productive and motivated.

Although I have reached the legal and societal age for maturity, there is still much to learn.

Thank you to my friends and family who have made the last twenty years what they were and to everyone who participated in making my birthday wonderful.

What do you wish you knew in your 20s? Comment below!20 Thoughts on my 20th Birthday

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